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Eben Brooks’ Music, Art, & Life Blog

All about Eben Brooks’ artistic adventures and attempts to navigate the scary world we all live in

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Eben Brooks
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Eben Brooks, Working-Class Superhero!

Here I am: geeky musician par excellence, hobbyist-turning-pro photographer, aspiring author, gamer, comic book reader, science fiction lover, and the man responsible for the squamous, rugose filk song “Hey There Cthulhu”. This is my music, art, and life blog. I don't update it as often as some do, nor even as often as I would like, but if I've got a thought that's too long for Facebook and too not-music-career-related for my monthly newsletter, you'll likely find it here.


In my musical “persona”, I am “The Working Class Superhero of San Diego”. I perform original and filk songs on a variety of geeky topics, such as superheroes, cyberpunk, magic, minstrelry, literature, gaming, comic books, eldritch horror, science fiction television shows, and the dangers of teleportation. I also perform more “normal” songs about human existence, love, death, and workplace accidents, among other topics.

Having started my singing career in the Society for Creative Anachronism, I almost immediately graduated to performing at conventions. My first band, The Wild Oats, performed at San Diego Comic Con for several years in the 1990’s and also at the 1998 WesterCon in San Diego. I’ve performed at (and continue to perform at) both ConDor and ConJecture in San Diego, and for the last three years have had the honor of sharing the stage with Allison caprine Lonsdale at the Gam3rCon Rooftop Concert! I’ve also been invited to perform at various conventions around the country, including LunaCon in New York in 2010, MisCon in Missoula, Montana in both 2009 and 2010 (where I was Filk Guest of Honor in 2010), LosCon in Los Angeles for the last three years, and RadCon 6A in February 2013 as their Music Guest of Honor. In September, 2013, I performed at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in San Pedro, CA, where I of course sang the aforementioned “Hey There Cthulhu”, along with other songs of eldritch horror.

In addition to conventions, I perform a monthly Geeky Music Show with Allison Lonsdale at Lestat's West, a marvelous performance space attached to Lestat's Coffee House on Adams Avenue in San Diego. Not only is the space awesome, but the sound man, Louis, is a treasure. (The coffee and food next door are pretty good, too.)


I've have been a hobbyist photographer since 1987, but I only recently decided to try to make a business out of what I love to do. After consulting with several of my friends who are professional photographers, I chose the name Or It Didn't Happen Photography as being the best name for the kind of photography I want to do: exciting events, fun times, wild parties, festivals, great achievements, concerts, costumes, conventions, and anything else that makes your heart pound and your face break into a delighted grin! By doing what I love, I want to help you share what you love with the world!

Getting married? I’ll photograph it. Running a marathon? I’ll photograph you. Making an awesome costume for Renaissance Faire? I’ll photograph it. Need to document an original piece of art? I’ll photograph it. Opening an art or music venue? I’ll photograph the grand opening. Your book/game/article/story just get published? I’ll photograph the signing or release party. Gonna meet someone famous? I’ll photograph it. Gonna perform a concert? Be in a stage play? Spin and/or breathe fire? I’ll photograph it. Gonna climb a mountain? As long as you make sure I’m safe, I’ll photograph it!

Basically, If it’s something you’re excited about, if it’s something you’re scared about, or if your friends will say “Pics, or it didn’t happen!” — I’ll photograph it!


Isn't everyone an aspiring author these days? Well, I'm on that bandwagon, too. I'm about 80-90% done with my first novel, and have been for a couple of years. Hopefully I will actually finish it. Someday.


Life is. Everything else is commentary.

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