Eben Brooks (ebenbrooks) wrote,
Eben Brooks

Illness sucks and blows, simultaneously

This morning (at 4:30), I had to go to the ER because my throat was so sore that I could not swallow. I was given lidocaine in a syrupy liquid form to gargle, plus amoxicillin. I'm uncertain about the antibiotic, but since the sore throat has been getting progressively worse since Monday, I guess I'd better just take the stuff. The gargle is ... weird. I can't gargle it effectively when it's syrupy, but diluting it with water seems to make it not work so well. Maybe I need to find the right ratio.

Also, since I'm out of both sick days and vacation at work, it looks like I'm going to need to file a short term disability claim. Hurrah.
Tags: physical health, work
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