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Whoa, dude...

A follow-up on yesterday's post:

I ended up going to the urgent care just down the street from my workplace. The doctor there diagnosed the problem as a strained gluteus medius muscle. He prescribed Flexiril and Norco—a muscle relaxant and a pain med, respectively. They seem to have worked, because I am able to move without pain and sit for longer than two minutes without it becoming intolerably uncomfortable.

But holy moley am I groggy today!

Some of you may remember the last time I was on Flexiril for anything. I took some a few hours before a Wild Oats show at Twigg's . . . and ended up doing the show looking as if I had smoked ALL the weed! People even came up to me during the break to ask if I was okay. When I told one of them "I'm fine, I'm just on 20 milligrams of Flexiril," she replied "Holy, shit! It's a wonder you're still standing!"

It's not quite that bad today (I took my last dose over 14 hours ago), but I'm still feeling it. I could easily take a good three-hour nap right now. I've only had one cup of coffee, though, because I don't think adding more physically-addictive chemicals to my body is necessarily a good thing right now. Even sugar is turning me off at the moment.

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know what was going on so you don't worry. I'm recovering, I'm functional, and I'm sure I'll be fine in another couple of days.

Thank you all for your good wishes. :)


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