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Answer for question 4512.

Have you had any pets in your life? If so, do you migrate towards just one type of animal (just cats, etc), or have you had a menagerie over time? What's your best story about a pet you've had?
In all of my life, there have been only a very few periods of time when I did not have one or more cats. There were always cats in the house when I was growing up, though we had many die on us over the years for various reasons (illness, old age, accident, etc.). When I moved out and was living with Allison, we had Tequila, then when I was living with Katie, we had Tazendra and Morrigan.

After Katie and I broke up, I adopted Sigmund and Hannah, but Sigmund bonded with my roommate more than with me, so he went with her when she moved out. I had Hannah for seven years, and then I adopted Sammie.

Sammie is still with me, but she's 15 and definitely starting to feel it. She's got some arthritis in her hips and/or lower back, and she can get pretty cranky at times, but I love her still.

I haven't decided whether I'll get another cat when Sammie passes on. But who knows? My days as a crazy cat dude may not yet be over.

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