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The Ideologue's Idea Log for 9/25/14

The purpose of these idea logs is to make my brain "sweat". That is, to give it a good workout, just like a physical workout, so that my problem-solving, brainstorming, and creative skills become easier. These ideas, loosely related to some kind of theme for each list, are supposed to only be ideas where I know what the first step is. I might not know anything past that, but if I know what Step 1 is, then it's something that I can feasibly do.

So, to that end, here's today's Idea Log:

Ten Eight* Unfinished Projects that I Can Finish This Year

  1. Publish UnCommon Women

    I actually already took the first step on this one. Yesterday, I looked through all of the photography I've done to date and identified the ones that I can definitely include, the ones that I might need to get an updated model release for, and the ones where I have no model release at all (yeah, yeah, I know, but hey, I was a talented amateur—didn't always remember all the niggling little details, ya know?). The next step is to contact as many models in the second two categories as I can.

  2. Move my office into the front room

    My office used to be in the second bedroom. Then Caleb moved in, and it became his bedroom, and I moved all of the stuff into other parts of the house. The front room is currently a storage area. So the first step is to get everything out of the front room, figure out where it really goes, and then put it there.

  3. Finish the first draft of my novel

    This is a daunting one. Writing the end of this book scares me. But I need to do it. And the next step is dead simple: just sit down and write. As one author put it: "Two steps to being a novelist: 1) Have a great idea for a novel; 2) Butt in chair and write!"

  4. Doctor, Captain, Dovakiin, Chief

    Next steps: finish recordings of "Smells Like Beam Rifle", "The Too Much Skyrim Blues", "O'Brian's Mongolian Barbecue", and "The Old Dun Cow"; finish editing other tracks, doing spot re-records as necessary.

  5. Won't You Scatter My Ashes?

    This is In My Humble Opinion's story album. Next steps: edit tracks, doing spot re-records as necessary; record all dialogue and background.

  6. Put up foam on walls in studio

    Ideally, I should do this before I do any more recording. First step: cut foam into manageable pieces.

  7. Get filing in order

    Next step: gather all files in one place.

  8. Sod it!

    My yard, that is . . . . Next step: kill existing grass, weeds, and scrub with black tarpaulin.

*Yep, brain ran out of steam at eight. But hey, better than not doing it at all.


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Sep. 26th, 2014 06:46 am (UTC)
Not so sure about the idea log concept, but I really need to poke at the list of unfinished projects: next step, most likely roadblocks, and several solutions each for roadblocks. Because? Unfinished projects: I haz them.
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