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Something to think about

DISCLAIMER: If this post makes you angry, that's because it scares you. So before you go emailing me with an angry retort or an ill-considered counter-argument, sit back for a little while and figure out why it scares you. You will do yourself a great deal of good, whether your mind is changed or not.

[I]n the United States, we do not negotiate as aggressively as other countries do with healthcare providers and drug manufacturers and medical device-makers.... [W]e don't have ... centralized negotiation, so we don't have as much leverage [as other countries where the government funds health care]....

So basically, in the United States, providers charge whatever they think they can get away with; and they can get away with a lot, because it's really difficult to put a price on, like, not dying. This is a phenomenon called "inelastic demand"; if you tell me that this drug that will save my life costs $7 a month, I will pay you $7 a month for it; if you tell me that it costs $124 a month, I will find a way to find $124 a month to pay for it. You can't negotiate effectively on your own behalf for healthcare services because you NEED them [emphasis mine], and not like you need a new MacBook Air or the new season of Sherlock, but actual, physical need....

So basically, until and unless we can negotiate as effectively with the people providing healthcare as [the] Australians and British people [can], US healthcare costs will continue to rise faster than anywhere else in the world, and we won't get better healthcare outcomes.

--John Green, "Why Are American Health Care Costs So High?", vlogbrothers

Here is a list of his sources:

By the way, I've turned comments off, because I really do want you guys to think before you respond, and forcing you to have to email me any response you have will help ensure that you take said response seriously.

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