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Crowdfunding Projects I'm Supporting

Hello, everyone. I know I've been kinda sporadic about posting things on LJ (and even FB) lately. I blame three things: work stress, health issues, and (since Friday) Batman: Arkham Origins (which is, so far, super-awesome).

However, I wanted to post today about a few of crowdfunding ventures that I am supporting on both IndieGoGo and Kickstarter.

Krypton Radio

The first is Krypton Radio Leaps Into THE EVENT HORIZON on IndieGoGo. Krypton Radio is an internet radio station by science fiction fans for science fiction fans. In their own words:

Fandom is singing. And it's not just the music from a thousand favorite TV shows, games and movies. It's not just the music the fans write themselves about the things they love, though that's amazing. It's a celebration of thoughts and ideas, of daydreams and daydreams brought to life. There is more creative energy in science fiction fandom than in any other social group on this entire planet. So it's only fitting that Fandom should have a radio station.

The Event Horizon is a talk show/interivew show on Krypton Radio that brings "science fiction and fantasy writers, filmmakers, fan guests and creative people from all over the science fiction and comics creative spectrum" into their mobile studio to talk about their creations, the science fiction they love (and hate), and the science fiction genre in general. Again, in their own words: "The show strives to bring back the connection between the fans and the creators of the genre that's been missing, and to help new creators rise."

They are trying to raise $24,000 for a production budget to take The Event Horizon on the road to the places where fans and creators congregate: science fiction conventions! So far, they've been working via Skype in order to produce shows without having to leave Los Angeles, but their best shows have been when they are able to conduct live, in-person interviews at conventions . . . and that costs about $800 per person per event!

They have one more week to go, and they're less than 10% of the way towards their goal! Please, if you can, help them.

Rebel Speaker

The second campaign I'm supporting is The Rebel Speaker, also on IndieGoGo. The Rebel Speaker is a waterproof Bluetooth speaker and speakerphone with a suction cup back so that it can be attached to the back of a phone (if the surface is slick enough), a tile shower wall, a car windshield, or any other surface that a rubber suction cup will stick to. Since I recently lost my Bluetooth speaker/speakerphone to wear and tear (cheap-ass piece o' shite...), I've pledged at the $18 level to acquire a Rebel Speaker (probably in red). This campaign ends on November 15th, and perks will be shipped during the week of November 18th.

City of Titans

This is the one that I'm the most excited about: The Phoenix Project — City of Titans. When the campaign was first announced, I nearly cried, and here's why: City of Titans is a superhero-themed MMO being developed as the spiritual successor to the ill-fated City of Heroes . . . by former CoH players! Almost the entire development team are people who played and loved City of Heroes during its eight-and-a-half year run as the premier superhero MMO, and, what's more, they're all volunteers! Yes, every single member of this team is volunteering their time and energy and creativity to make this game a reality. The campaign is almost over (it ends on November 4th), but there are still some amazing stretch goals that they can meet if people continue to pledge. And the perks are pretty darn cool, ranging from forum titles to in-game items to an all-but-travel-expenses-paid trip to the official launch party! (And some of the add-ons are pretty awesome, too!)

The tentative launch is mid-2015, but that could change, since game development is a chaotic and unpredictable venture. But I'm willing to wait for this one. If you still need convincing, read the Updates. Yes, there are 35 of them so far, but with every one, I get more and more excited, and I am more and more sure that these people are doing it right.

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