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This last week, I finished three songs, which I'll be playing at the monthly Geeky Music Show at Lestat's this weekend. One is a Buddhist song called "Rattlin' Bones"; one is a Firefly/Serenity filk called "The Man Dressed in Brown"; and the last is a song about a fantastic web comic (The Irregular Webcomic*, which I've mentioned before on this blog: see this entry, for example) called "It's Quite Irregular".

And I'm also very excited about who else is playing at our show, namely Nicole Dieker and her one-person band Hello, The Future! She's going to be doing two 20-minute sets at our show, one at 7pm and one at 8pm. She is a HOOT! And very talented, too. So even if you can't make the show, go visit her website, listen to some music, and watch some videos.

Lastly, I want to mention that the long-dormant Monthly Bootleg is back, but it's now a subscriber-only download rather than a public podcast. So if you're interested in downloading a copy of "It's Quite Irregular" this month and a new .mp3 every month thereafter, go subscribe to my newsletter (the form is in the left column).


*The Irregular Webcomic has an LJ feed, irregular_comic, and is currently in "reruns"—that is, when author David "dmmaus" Morgan-Mar reached strip number 3182, he ended the series and started re-posting it from strip #1 all over again, with extra commentary. So now is a really good time to start reading it, as there are only 382 strips (at time of posting) to read to be "caught up".

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