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As I mentioned earlier, I'm starting a new photography business, and I'm looking for things to photograph in order to build my portfolio.

So . . . until May 1st, I am offering this deal: If you are planning to do, see, or experience something amazing (or even just something you want to remember later), I will photograph it for you FOR FREE!*

Getting married? I'll photograph it. Running a marathon? I'll photograph you. Making an awesome costume for Renaissance Faire? I'll photograph it. Need to document an original piece of art? I'll photograph it. Opening an art or music venue? I'll photograph it. Your book/game/article/Op Ed piece just get published? I'll photograph it (or the signing/release party). Gonna meet someone famous? I'll photograph it. Gonna play a concert? I'll photograph it!

Basically, if you're excited about it, if you're scared about it, or if your friends will say "Pics, or it didn't happen" . . . I'll photograph it!

Of course, this is subject to my availability, but feel free to email me (ebenbrooks@ebenbrooks.com) with your idea, and we'll see if we can make it a photographic reality.


*The catch: You must let me use said photos for promotional purposes with no further compensation to you or anyone else involved. This does not mean I'll publicly embarrass you! It just means that if your image is used on my website or in material promoting or advertising my photography business, I don't have to pay you for it.

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