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An Idealogue's Idea Log: Entry #1

Fifteen things you can do tonight instead of watching TV or Netflix:

  1. Take a walk around the block. Maybe even twice.
  2. Write something that makes you happy (limericks, haiku, porn, The Great American Novel, a political essay, a song, etc.), even if you never show it to anyone.
  3. Go try out that cool restaurant you've been meaning to try for the last several weeks/months/years.
  4. Practice a skill that you enjoy. Pick up that guitar/drawing pad/paintbrush/camera/violin/pencil/deck of cards/handful of dice/smudge stick/ritual athame/script/telescope/silly hat and go for it.
  5. Look for something that you've been unable to find (but be reasonable—don't trash your house or anything).
  6. Clean the bathroom sink.
  7. Pet your pet (if it's a pettable pet—this probably won't work with fish).
  8. Put on a good album and rock out (or classical out, or jazz out, or . . . well, you get the idea).
  9. Do one dish rack's worth of dishes.
  10. Deal with one square foot's worth of clutter.
  11. Call a friend just to chat. (No e-mail, no IM—actually talking is important.)
  12. Read a magazine. (Not an on-line magazine, a real, physical, paper-and-ink one.)
  13. Go to bed early and get some much-needed extra sleep.
  14. Figure out how to get Skype to work on your television.
  15. Stomp brain weasels: tell your friends that you love and appreciate them, and tell them why.

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