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Whoa, dude...

A follow-up on yesterday's post:

I ended up going to the urgent care just down the street from my workplace. The doctor there diagnosed the problem as a strained gluteus medius muscle. He prescribed Flexiril and Norco—a muscle relaxant and a pain med, respectively. They seem to have worked, because I am able to move without pain and sit for longer than two minutes without it becoming intolerably uncomfortable.

But holy moley am I groggy today!

Some of you may remember the last time I was on Flexiril for anything. I took some a few hours before a Wild Oats show at Twigg's . . . and ended up doing the show looking as if I had smoked ALL the weed! People even came up to me during the break to ask if I was okay. When I told one of them "I'm fine, I'm just on 20 milligrams of Flexiril," she replied "Holy, shit! It's a wonder you're still standing!"

It's not quite that bad today (I took my last dose over 14 hours ago), but I'm still feeling it. I could easily take a good three-hour nap right now. I've only had one cup of coffee, though, because I don't think adding more physically-addictive chemicals to my body is necessarily a good thing right now. Even sugar is turning me off at the moment.

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know what was going on so you don't worry. I'm recovering, I'm functional, and I'm sure I'll be fine in another couple of days.

Thank you all for your good wishes. :)

What the bloody hell...?

I've managed to hurt myself in a way that defies my understanding. Some of the muscles around my left hip are pulled or strained in such a way that I can walk just fine, but trying to move my leg independently hurts like heck! Also, while I can stand up without pain and even put my full weight on the leg, sitting and lying down are very uncomfortable. So much so, in fact, that it woke me up this morning at 4am. I had to get up and take ibuprofen to get back to sleep.

It feels a little like the time I had bursitis in my early twenties, but of course it isn't, because putting any weight on it at all would be excruciating. It also feels a bit like the time I pulled some muscles in my lower back/upper ass while cleaning house, but that didn't make sitting or lying down hurt.

I have to admit... I'm stumped.

Two more Wilsonisms

Apparently, my dyslexia (mild as it is) gets worse when I'm tired or in pain. The last couple of rehearsals with caprine, I was both. (Fortunately, singing usually helps both issues—which means I should sing more, huh?)

Anyway, we were rehearsing "Every Action Loves a Reactor". Two weeks ago, I misread the repeated first line of each verse, "Don't talk about beasts", as "Don't talk about breasts." At least that one is a fairly common misreading, even among the general population. Last week's, though, was really odd: I read the same line as "Don't talk about beans."


It seems that I'm experiencing a new migraine symptom: nausea.


Yesterday I zipped up the MP3 and Readme file for "It's Quite Irregular" and sent it off to David Morgan-Mar. Today, the download link was sent out to all of the $6+ backers of the Kickstarter campaign to print the Irregular Webcomic book.

I am quite stoked!


Yes, the movie. I watched it last night. Quite surprisingly, not only was it not awful, it was actually really fun.

Yes, formulaic as hell. Yes, implausible as hell, and I'm not talking about the part where we're invaded by aliens who look like someone crossed Mark "The Undertaker" Calaway with a porcupine. And yes, the references to the board game are obvious and a little ham-handed.

But . . . the performances are actually really good (especially from Col. Gregory D. Gadson, US Army, as Lt. Col. Mick Canales), the story is engaging, and the ways in which they use the game elements are actually very clever. That being said, I would have preferred that this movie had not had the game tie-in, because I believe it was the game tie-in that prevented it from being looked at objectively by critics and movie-goers. I know I rolled my eyes at the idea of a movie based on Battleship, and I think that initial "you've got to be kidding me" response is what did the movie in. On its own merits, it's quite enjoyable. I give it a solid 3.5 out of 5 stars.

About my what?

Had an interesting Wilsonism today:

For more information about your coconut, please contact your financial advisor.

Had to blink a few times to realize that "coconut" was actually "account".


I need some help. There are radio stations and internet radio shows to which I would like to submit my music. However, I find it very difficult to self-promote (after all these years, still feels like hubris). So if there's anyone who would be willing to take a list of URLs, some instructions, and digital copies of everything I've ever released, I'd be happy to let you keep all the digital music, and I'd throw in a t-shirt for good measure.

And if the above seems paltry, suggest something. I'm always open for negotiation. Thanks.

Can anyone help me with this?

All right, folks, I have a request/challenge for you! I would very much like to get copies of Doctor, Captain, Dovahkiin, Chief into the hands of the following people:

1. Jim Infantino (front-man and songwriter for Jim's Big Ego)
2. Angela Claverie (music editor for the TV show The Flash)
3. Steven Moffat (former story editor for Doctor Who)
4. Matt Smith (the 11th Doctor)
5. Wil Wheaton
6. Corey Feldman
7. Kiefer Sutherland
8. Terry Farrell (Jedzia Dax)
9. Joss Whedon
10. Nathan Fillion

Here's the deal. If you can guarantee that you can deliver a copy of Doctor, Captain, Dovahkiin, Chief into the hands of any of the above people, I will give you copies of every CD I've ever produced—including Weed 'Em and Reap, which is out of print!

Contact me via private message or email. Thanks!


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