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I've been reading Thach Nhat Hanh's The Miracle of Mindfulness. It's not only very entertaining, it's quite enlightening. Oddly enough, the one quote that keeps coming back to me is "Don't wash the dishes to get clean dishes; wash the dishes to wash the dishes."

That may sound odd or silly or stupid to you, but it's actually helped me be much less stressed out about doing things that I don't want to do. When I catch myself wanting an activity to just be over already, I remember this quote. It reminds me to stop, take a deep breath, smile, and just do what I'm doing with no goal in mind other than the doing of it. This shift in attitude not only makes the task itself much less odious, but it also makes the task seem to take less time.

Case in point, this morning I was (as it happens) washing the dishes. I felt myself become impatient to finish . . . but then I remembered the quote. So I closed my eyes, breathed deeply, smiled, and started to pay close attention to the act of washing dishes rather than my anticipation of or desire for the end result. I ended up washing dishes for 20 minutes, and it felt like five.

The rest of the book is also very good, very instructive, and in places very funny. It's also very short; one can easily read it in an afternoon (if you read as fast as I do) or even in an hour (if you read as fast as caprine or whswhs does). I highly recommend it.

If they're that bad, why advertise them?

I was walking past one of the offices here at work earlier today when I saw a sticker on the window that I would have sworn said:


After I blinked a couple of times, I was able to accurately read the somewhat confusing typeface and discovered that it actually said:



Migraines suck ass.

My pledge

I will never kill.
I will never facilitate killing.
I will never condone killing.

If you have a problem with that, keep it to yourself--because there is nothing that will ever change my mind about this.

Sammie is getting better

Last night, I bought the glucose meter and a 50-day supply of test strips. Combined, it was $100. $80 of that was the strips--yeah, I was wrong about the price on those; they're not forty cents each, they're eighty cents each. And those were the cheap ones! So after I got home, I fell into a pretty bad depression.

Fortunately, this morning I woke up feeling better. My mood was further elevated by the fact that Sammie's glucose was only 118, so I didn't have to give her any insulin. I hope this continues to be the case.

Unfortunately, Sammie seems to be much hungrier and has taken to chewing on paper and cardboard, which is both annoying and unhealthy for her. She tends to vomit it back up. So I guess I have to figure out how much food I can give her to balance the glucose and her hunger.

Still, she's definitely feeling better, which is very good. I hope she stays that way.

Happy Yuri's Night/STS-1 Day

Today is the 55th anniversary of Vostok-1, the first human space flight, on which Yuri Gagarin of the USSR became the first human being in space. It is also the 35th anniversary of STS-1, the first space shuttle launch, specifically of Space Shuttle Columbia.

So celebrate space flight today! Maybe go watch some videos over at SciShow Space, or watch a good space movie like 2001: a Space Odyssey or The Right Stuff. Or Star Trek.

Living with diabetes

No, not me, my cat. Yes, my lovely, but old, Sammie-girl is diabetic. During the investigation into why she was acting so lethargic, being occasionally very stumbly and wobbly on her feet, and randomly meowing as if in pain, the veterinarian discovered that her blood sugar was in the high 200's. Not catastrophic, but definitely high. So we* tried giving her insulin for a week, and it seems to have helped.

But the glucometer we were using isn't ours, and now we have to return it. I tried to find another one of the same kind (Alpha 2, if I'm remembering correctly), but I couldn't. So now I have to decide which one to get. Do any of you have any suggestions or recommendations? It would be nice if I could find one where the strips don't cost forty cents EACH.


* My brother and I. We live together right now.

The Crow

I finally watched The Crow today.

Geebus criminey, what a terrible film!


The Irregular Webcomic goes to print!

From Kickstarter:

The first print collection of Irregular Webcomic!, with the first 500 Fantasy theme strips. Elves, swords, wizardry, dragons, puns!

I've been making Irregular Webcomic! since 2002. Finally, after 13 years, it's time for the first print collection! This book collects the first 500 strips of the Fantasy theme (up to the hiatus period beginning in 2013).

Join Lambert the merchant, Alvissa the elf, Mordekai the loveable rogue, Kyros the fire wizard, Draak the lizard man, and Dwalin the dwarf, as they travel across the land, destroying taverns, telling awful puns, and—eventually—completing their first epic quest.

Okay, this is a big thing! I'm very excited about this Kickstarter for two reasons:

  1. As you know, I've been a fan of Irregular Webcomic! for over a decade, and the Fantasy theme was always my favorite. In fact, I love the Fantasy story so much that I wrote a song about it: "It's Quite Irregular" , which is track #12 on my new album, Doctor, Captain, Dovahkiin, Chief. So I REALLY want this campaign to succeed!

  2. Oh, by the way . . . that song I wrote? It's a PLEDGE REWARD! For every pledge level that includes the book, either electronic or physical, a DRM-free MP3 of "It's Quite Irregular" is also included! This makes me SO HAPPY!

So if you love Irregular Webcomic, go pledge! And spread the word! There are 19 days left to go and a little over half of the goal amount yet to be raised!


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