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Going Away For a While

I'm going to be in Lawrence, Kansas from early tomorrow until mid-afternoon Monday. I'm playing at a music and art festival. They're paying me for it—all expenses covered (even food), plus a little extra, plus being able to sell CDs. I'm looking forward to it.

I'll be incommunicado from tonight until at least Monday night, possibly Tuesday.

My brother bought a burger for me when he went out to get himself lunch a little while ago. I asked for a double cheeseburger with no onions, because I'm very sensitive to the sulfur compounds in raw onions—they cause my sinuses great distress.

I got the double cheeseburger all right, but not only were there onions, there was so much onion that I could barely taste anything else. Even after scraping all of the onion off, the residual smell and flavor were too much—and now I've got the beginnings of what is promising to be a doozy of a sinus headache.

I don't blame my brother; I trust him when he says he ordered it without onions. He knows I won't bite his head off for making a mistake. No, I blame the idiot at the fast food place. Hey, dumb-ass! When someone says "no onions", they mean it!

... dumb-ass ...


*Since I am a militant agnostic ("I don't know, and you don't either!"), I've decided that, when I feel the social or rhetorical need to invoke a supernatural power, I'm most comfortable invoking Ceiling Cat, since he a) is obviously imaginary, even to those who have faith in other supposed deities, and b) mostly doesn't make religious folk go "OMG! EEEEEVILLLLLL!!!"

Answer for question 4334.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would that be? Why would you choose that specific place?
That's a good question. If price weren't an issue, I think I'd like to live in London. I just had such a wonderful time there when I visited, and everyone was so nice to me. And being able to take a train to Paris any time I want is a nice perk.

If I had to worry about finding a source of income, then it becomes a little harder. Maybe Munich. Or maybe Sydney. I visited Munich in 2001 and loved it there, too. Problem would be the language barrier, but I'm working on that. As for Sydney, I haven't been there, but I regularly correspond with someone who lives there, and it sounds like a really nice place to live. Plus I wouldn't have to worry about making myself understood. At least not when I enunciate. ;-)

Answer for question 4324.

Are you a designated organ donor? Why or why not?
Yes, I am. I made sure to sign up the last time I renewed my driver’s license. I did this because, in the last three years, two of my friends died for lack of timely organ replacements. Oddly enough, both of them were named Tim.

Tim Sweeney was a music marketing guru and for a time my mentor. In 2009, he was diagnosed with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis, a disease of the bile ducts which causes them to swell shut, and the reduced flow of bile causes liver damage. He died just this past November. If there had been a replacement liver and some replacement bile ducts available, he would still be alive.

Tim Sallume was a much closer friend, someone I’d known for twenty years. In the mid 90’s, I officiated at his wedding. We were in many games together. He regularly attended Wild Oats concerts and, later, the Geeky Music Shows that Allison Lonsdale and I do. I wasn’t by any stretch his closest friend, nor he mine, but we had a lot of shared history. In 2012, he went into the hospital because his transplanted kidney was failing. There wasn’t a viable match right away, so he stayed in the hospital to wait for one to become available. While there, he developed a blood clot in his leg which dislodged and traveled to his brain, killing him. And if there’d been a kidney available, he would still be alive.

So, yeah, I’m an organ donor. Because there needs to be more of us.


LiveJournal seems to be having some . . . difficulty displaying my Friends page properly. Since yesterday, the usual side-bar has been overlain by one of kradical's posts. Aside from looking odd and making my Friends page layout do wonky things, it's of course keeping me from accessing my side-bar!

If you want to see what's happening, click here:

Oh, and if you don't see kradical's post instead of the sidebar, do let me know! Thanks.


City and state, please...

It's 4/11.

Happy Information Day.


Who? Batman, that's who!

Star Trek phsyics: It dun werk

IF the USS Voyager was transported 70,000 light years away when it was sent to the Delta Quadrant, and

IF said voyage home would take 70 years at maximum warp (stated in the series to be 9.75),

THEN the USS Voyager can travel 1,000 light years in one Solar year,

WHICH EQUALS 2.74 light years per Solar day,

WHICH MEANS that it would take the USS Voyager, traveling at maximum warp from Earth:
  • ALMOST TWO DAYS to reach Alpha Centauri;

  • SIX DAYS to reach Vulcan (40 Eridani A);

  • TWELVE AND A HALF DAYS to reach the Romulan Neutral Zone;

  • THIRTY-THREE AND A HALF DAYS (over a full month) to reach Bajor;


  • and THREE FULL MONTHS to reach Ceti Alpha (where Khan was stranded).

Doctor, Doctor, gimme the news...

I'm looking for a new GP. Who among you likes your primary care doctor and would recommend him or her to a middle-aged guy with sinus, joint, and psychiatric issues?


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