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Oh, Caroline!

Chibi Me

I woke up this morning with Caroline Waters' song "Oh Caroline" (from her album Venus Envy) running through my head.

You've got to stop that running, stop that running away from your tears
You've got to stop that running, stop that running away from all of your fears
That have found you (that have found you) that have found you (that have found you)
Through the years

Seems to me to be a pretty appropriate message from my subconscious mind to my conscious one. :)


Yesterday, which was the morning after I did my monthly Geeky Music Show at Lestat's with Allison, I woke up feeling a little draggy and maybe like I might be coming down with something. But I had a song in my head that I wanted to play anyway, so I did. I picked up my nylon string guitar and started playing "John the Determinist" by Jeremy Messersmith.

Unfortunately, what ended up coming out of my mouth sounded rather more like Tom Waits than either Mr. Messersmith or myself.

And that got me thinking.... Clark Chimp does this thing at his shows where he sings a popular song in the style of a different artist. At ConJecture last year, he sang "Black Dog" in the style of Elvis Presley and "It's the End of the World As We Know It (and I Feel Fine)" in the style of Bob Dylan—and they were both brilliant! Perhaps I should send him the suggestion to perform some ballad or soft rock song as Tom Waits would sing it. It would certainly be good for a laugh.

That'll stop some traffic, all right....

Saw this on the way home from work a couple weeks ago.

Holy Geebus, did someone throw a Molotov cocktail into the damn thing?

Still, it appeared the driver got out in time. I saw a dude sitting on the railing next to the emergency responders that looked ... well, kinda like how I think I'd look if I'd just escaped from a burning vehicle.


Oh, teh dumb, it hurtz...


In case you can't read the license place frame, it says "Good things come in small packages."

On the back of an SUV.


Face Palm



First of all, thanks to those of you who commented on my post yesterday. The crisis has been averted. :)

However, today, I have severe sinus pain. And I'm supposed to be going to Tai Chi practice tonight. I think on my lunch break, I'm going to go to the grocery store and pick up a bottle of ibuprofen, which will live here at work in my desk drawer. Or maybe I'll find the local Sprouts and see if they have SOMBRA. kiltcheck told me about it, and I'm curious to see if it works.


Working Class Superhero
What do you do when someone is lying to you, but you can't prove it (because it's about how they feel) and you can't confront them about it (because doing so would create disproportionately contentious conflict)?

Answer for question 4236.

Working Class Superhero
Have you ever used a pickup line? What was it -- and did it work? What's the worst one you've ever heard?
Yes, I am ashamed to admit it, but I have. And yes, it did work, of which I am even more ashamed. And regretful.

And yes, I'm aware I only answered some of the questions. Deal with it.

Don' give us none of your aggravation

Working Class Superhero
I've been agitated since yesterday afternoon. And, arguably, it's been even longer than that.

For those of you not on my flist, I had to jettison a "friend" on Friday after learning beyond a reasonable doubt that he's seriously bad news (like, in a violent criminal kind of way). Then yesterday, I got a call from my late grandfather's second wife (I won't dignify her by calling her "Grandmother") about a supposed debt that my mother owed my grandfather. I didn't answer the call, letting it instead go to voicemail, but listening to the message definitely got my blood pressure up. After considering all manner of possible responses, I decided (with the help of my sweetie) to just ignore it.

But my stomach still hasn't settled down, and I'm feeling very frangible right now. My internal monologue is almost entirely invective, I can't concentrate enough to do anything useful, and pretty much all I want to do is either beat the snot out of something or curl up and sleep for a week.

Could the universe please drop $400,000 or so on me so I can pay off my debts and start saving for a decent retirement?

Boggling thoughts

I realized yesterday that, two weeks ago, the Evil Ex turned 40. I almost literally can't imagine it. To me, she will always be mid-20s, with all that that implies.

On the other hand, I've been out of that relationship almost twice as long as I was in it. And I've been in my current relationship longer than I was in that one. So ... yay! :)


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