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Things That Only Ever Happen in Video Games

No. 1: Like Ninepins

Only in video games will you ever encounter a group of enemies all standing in a pool of flammable liquid directly underneath a convenient lit lantern.


Can't brainz today. I has teh ded.

Strike two...

I returned the toilet seat that was the wrong size and bought one that was the right size. Got home and opened it up to discover that it was broken.

Guess I'm going to Home Despot one more time ...


Today I was productive and industrious. I put all the paper that needs to be filed into boxes so that it can be easily sorted and put into the filing cabinets at a later time. I bagged up a bunch of stuff and took it to Goodwill. I turned in some old games at Gamestop. I folded and put away laundry that I'd done yesterday. I washed dishes. I scooped the cat box.

And then one of the blades on one of my ceiling fans just snapped off, so I had to go buy a new one. While I was at Home Depot, I decided to pick up a new toilet seat. Got home to discover that the toilet seat was the wrong size.

Then when I went to wash one of my comforters (it had gotten a prodigious amount of dust on it from my other cleaning efforts), my washing machine broke! Washes just fine. Won't drain, rinse, or spin, though, so ... yeah, kinda useless.

I've made an appointment with 1-800-APPLIANCE for tomorrow. Hope they can fix it.

Answer for question 4521.

Have you ever had or do you currently have a nickname? If so, where did it come from? Do/did you like it? If you could choose any nickname for yourself, what would it be?
For a brief period in elementary school, I was called "Rocky" because Eben is Hebrew for "stone".

My only other nickname is "Eb", and there's only one person who's allowed to use it—and that person is not my sweetie. ;-)

What the hell is all that?

Geebus criminey! It sounds like someone's pouring gravel on my roof! We just don't get rain like this in October, fer chrissakes!

Fencing foil

Would any of my local friends like a fencing foil? I haven't fenced in over a decade, and thus I have no use for it.

First come, first served. Must pick up, or if we're going to be attending the same event, I can bring it.

Casio Keyboard for sale


Asking $40 for this Casio LK-56 learning keyboard. Comes with stand and AC adapter. Has MIDI output.

PICK UP ONLY. Let me know if you're interested.

Answer for question 4512.

Have you had any pets in your life? If so, do you migrate towards just one type of animal (just cats, etc), or have you had a menagerie over time? What's your best story about a pet you've had?
In all of my life, there have been only a very few periods of time when I did not have one or more cats. There were always cats in the house when I was growing up, though we had many die on us over the years for various reasons (illness, old age, accident, etc.). When I moved out and was living with Allison, we had Tequila, then when I was living with Katie, we had Tazendra and Morrigan.

After Katie and I broke up, I adopted Sigmund and Hannah, but Sigmund bonded with my roommate more than with me, so he went with her when she moved out. I had Hannah for seven years, and then I adopted Sammie.

Sammie is still with me, but she's 15 and definitely starting to feel it. She's got some arthritis in her hips and/or lower back, and she can get pretty cranky at times, but I love her still.

I haven't decided whether I'll get another cat when Sammie passes on. But who knows? My days as a crazy cat dude may not yet be over.


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